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Brothers Markus and Mathias Saving started Konstexpo in 2009, to meet the needs of artists, photographers, illustrators, galleries, museums and other institutions that wanted to produce large numbers of high-quality finished art prints.

“It is all about getting it just right, so that the reproduction is as identical to the original as possible.” says Mathias Saving.

At Konstexpo, prints are not always produced in one single batch – reprints are common. This makes it vital that the printers used are extremely stable and capable of producing high-quality results every time, so there’s not variation from one year to the next. Another strict requirement is that the ink must be durable.

“The printer that we use must be extremely stable. If we print a hundred reproductions, each and every print must be identical. Artists can return to us after intervals of several years – and they expect the results to be exactly the same,” continues Saving.

The SureColor SC-P20000 has been developed with the stringent quality demands of the art and photography world in mind. It is essential that the result is true to life, dependable and precise. To ensure that prints are always correct without costs spiralling out of control, the SC-P20000 uses Epson’s colour calibration system to allow users to handle colour reproduction easily.

“Not all printers can handle the types of colours that we use. If we have a highly saturated area, for example one that is a deep black, it is by no means certain that the printer will be able to reproduce this,” comments Saving.”The area can be patchy and streaky. It is first and foremost the quality aspect that determines which printer we use – the SC-P20000 is highly advanced.”

For Konstexpo, the SC-P20000 is the fourth Epson printer they have invested in during the seven years the company has been in business. The Saving brothers believe that the quality Epson offers has remained consistently good right from the start, but they’ve really noticed how printing speed has increased over the years.

“Printing is much quicker, and this is an important aspect when we have to print out a hundred copies of something. Previously, it could take up to two days – now it takes one day, at most. As they say, “time is money” and so it is very important for us to get things done quickly, without compromising quality,” says Mathias Saving.

In addition, they are pleased that more colours are now available and the printer can reproduce a broader colour spectrum. Quality, efficiency and especially speed have made an impression. The 64-inch format is an advantage to the company, as this means greater flexibility in relation to the print sizes that can be supplied.

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