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Epson Printers and After-Sales Services

Eprofile Distributors was established when an opportunity arose, within the graphic art distribution market, for an independent distributor to also offer after-sales service. This strategy has proven to be extremely successful. Eprofile Distributors is the only specialist national distributor of Epson printers in South Africa that supports and partners major resellers of graphic art products in sales and after-sales service.

In 1999, Eprofile was awarded the sole distribution rights for Epson Large Format Printers as well as the ORIS software product range. Our success with these products led to Epson awarding us distribution of their full Pro Photographic, SureColor Technical and SureColor Signage range of products. Other products distributed by Eprofile include Caldera Rip Software, Contex Scanners and Summa Vinyl Cutters.

Our highly skilled teams in Gauteng and Cape Town are on hand to assist you throughout the sales process with product information and demonstrations, exceptional service, training and support.

Eprofile Distributors is the only specialist national distributor of Epson large format printers in South Africa that offers technical and after sales service support to the reseller channel.

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CONSISTENCY, STABILITY AND DURABILITY FULFIL STRICT DEMANDS Brothers Markus and Mathias Saving started Konstexpo in 2009, to meet the needs of artists, photographers, illustrators, galleries, museums and other institutions that wanted to produce large numbers of high-quality finished art prints. “It is all about getting it just right, so that the reproduction is as identical to the original as

LIQUID GLOSS PRINTS PRODUCED WITH EPSON TECHNOLOGY Sander has a long and rich history. The company was founded by August Sander (1876 – 1964), a key figure in photographic history, renowned for his black and white images taken during the Weimar Republic era. Sander’s work earnt him a name as the founding father of factual and conceptual photography, which still


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